Talkeetna Hideaway montly rentals

Monthly Rentals

The Talkeetna Hideaway provides Summer and year round Cabins in beautiful Downtown Talkeetna Alaska. The majority of our guests in the past years , have been college students and other young people from all over the world who are employed by local businesses for the Summer, but we also provide housing for local Talkeetna residents as well.

The benefits of staying at The Talkeetna Hideaway are many, as we have a camp style kitchen decked out for cooking, a Bath House, which boasts clean showers and toilets.

We are located within walking distance of Downtown Talkeetna.

Cuda Cabins

Cuda Cabins are named for their construction by Mark Cuda, who owned and operated the local sawmill. They feature a 12 X 16 footprint and have a large upper loft for sleeping. They have a queen size bed and 2 twin beds. The floorspace is maximized, which allows good living space for couples or roommates.

These cabins are fully insulated and have ample electrical outlets for powering household electronics. Painted walls, floor coverings, blinds on windows and a Toyo stove for colder nights.

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Summer rates

May 1 thru September 30
Talkeetna Hideaway Cuda cabin Talkeetna Hideaway Cuda cabin Talkeetna Hideaway Cuda cabin

Trapper Cabins

Trapper Cabins have a long and storied Alaskan tradition. Many of our guests who are living alone, enjoy the rustic charm of the Trapper Cabins. They measure 8 X 12 and feature a single south facing window to keep the midnight sun at bay during our long summer days.

These cabins offer exceptional value for the person seeking safety from the spring mosquitoes and fall bears. A secure alternative to camping in the wild.

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Summer rates

May 1 thru September 30
Talkeetna Hideaway Trapper cabin Talkeetna Hideaway Trapper cabin

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